5 Don’ts When You Are Dealing with Your Skin!


• Wearing unnecessary beauty products for your skin.

Instead of making healthy, even make your skin so dying. You should just wear beauty products based on the needs and skin problems you are experiencing. If you do not have one, then you should not bother to wear any skin care product.

For example, as long as your skin has not shown any signs of ageing, then you do not need to wear anti-ageing cream. Anti-aging cream contains high concentrations of retinol, which serves to exfoliate dead skins. If you wear it at an early age, your skin will be peeled off, so it becomes more fragile and thinner.

• Wear dirty cosmetics.

This way you will just spread the bacteria all over your face. The cleanliness of cosmetic tools should always be kept. Always clean all the makeup equipment so it will not be a hotbed of bacteria and viruses that harm your skin. Also do not carelessly take turns wearing cosmetic tools, because it could be an intermediary spread of harmful bacteria. At a minimum, clean the cosmetics once a week.

• Improperly apply a moisturising cream.

You should follow the right procedure when applying the skin care. Applying cream according to its guidance can maximise the efficacy of a moisturising cream. This way, the moisturisers will be absorbed quickly into the skin.

Make a circular motion using the sweet finger and middle finger. Give a little massage for relaxing the muscles and blood circulation more smoothly. At the neck, starting from the bottom up against gravity to prevent the skin from falling.

Going to sleep when you are still using makeup cannot make you beautiful. Your skin will definitely be damaged by the cosmetics. Leaving the skin wrapped with makeup overnight just the same as you have tortured your skin. Your skin is so endangered due to the exposure to chemicals that are too long for cosmetics. Get ready for acne.

The night is the best time for skin cells to rejuvenate. If the skin is still covered by thick makeup, the regeneration process will fail. Before going to bed, wipe your face with makeup. Then give the night cream to keep the skin moisture.

• Pressing the acne is a big sin on the face itself.

Instead of reducing the acne, you will only make your face uglier! Acne is annoying. Pain and itching, it makes us cannot stand to scratch or press it. But sometimes we get out of the way, popping the acne out until it gets infected and widened. Worse yet, the former scar will be more enlarged and difficult to remove.